FINE Group Limited

It is our pleasure to help you live a healthy and fulfilling life.

C.E.O. Nobutsuna Sasaki

For over 40 years, at FINE, we have produced natural healthy products and pure extracts of the highest quality from nature, specializing in product enhancement with master extraction processes and blending facilities.

Only the highest quality products and safest technology meets our exacting standards.

We promise you, quality, consistency and integrity.

FINE enjoys the highest Nutraceutical, food and cosmetic production certifications.
Certified: ISO9001 GMP, and Organic JAS.


Where possible our products are certified Organic, where not we apply the highest standards in producing or obtaining quality pure ingredients. Certification standards are only the beginning of the standards we require of ourselves.

We are constantly testing for molds, pesticides and toxic impurities, as we prepare and formulate products that are considered by our discriminating clientele, among the finest foods and supplements available in the world.

Thank you for your interest,
Nobutsuna Sasaki C.E.O

What is a Nutraceutical Company?

A company that extracts specific essences from natural plants and animals in the safest possible way and blending them in food and supplement products is a Nutraceutical Company. Unlike Pharmaceutical Companies Nutraceutical Companies do not synthesize chemical additives, vitamins or other unnatural products, preferring the synergistic power of naturally occurring substances for health. In the Nutraceutical industry FINE takes the responsibility to meet and exceed the highest standards of preparation and processing. Leadership is a key component of our life ethic. Carefully extracting special plant and animal essences and blending them back with whole food sources, in vital healthful products, is one of our recognized specialties.


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